Maintenance list Vertmax 2.6

Clean zero and contact rollers, carriage suction cups and infeed module sensors


Clean black and red rollers.

  • Clean with normal water, don’t lubricate, black rollers can be disassembled and cleaned

Clean suction cups.

  • Create space between the suction cups and activate the suction cups one by one to be able to get in between them with a small brush, check for damage to the rubber

Clean infeed module sensors.

  • clean the infeed module sensors with a cloth, or make a stick with a cloth around it to get to the sensor


Grease H1 and H2 slide block guide.

pump grease into grease nipples

  • give each grease nipple 3-4 pressures with the grease gun, be sure to grease nipples left and right.


Grease front rotary magazine slide block.

Lower tool holder (revolver)

  • give each grease nipple 3-4 pressures with the grease gun, 3 nipples total.


Clean spindle pressurisation filter and drier filter.


Replace spindle pressurisation filter and drier filter.


Replace deoling filter.

2 filters – one front, one back

  • press release button on bottom of deoling filter to see if liquid comes out, replace white filter if needed.


Check spindle glycon level and clean spindle cooling unit radiator.

Placed on the back

  • Check the fluid level on the side. clean the radiator with an air gun.


Check wear of infeed and outfeed module glass movement rollers.

Check for wear

  • Check all the red rollers for wear, some rollers are more exposed to wear than others, you can move the rollers around and place the outer rollers in the middle, as they will typically be less worn.


Empty waste glass bin.

  • Empty the cassette under the spindle.


Replace the seals kit of the front head.


Replace the seals kit of the rear head.


Changing the front spindle and gasket.


Clean the lexan guards (safety doors).

  • Clean all the lexan guards on both sides.


Check lubrication (check the grease tank).

  • Check the level, add grease if nessesary.


Visually check the water via bottle.

  • pour water from the water tank into a bottle to see impurities in the water, it is important that there is clean water so that dirt does not settle in the water channels around the spindle.


Discharge condensate from system.

  • Make sure there is no water in the air hoses from the company’s compressor. release the water from the dispenser. It is not located on the Vertmax.


Clean the X guides.

Clean front and back guides

  • Clean the X guides where the suction cups runs, climb into the pit with a cloth and wipe the rails as best as possible, occasionally the covers can be removed for extra cleaning, especially at the ends.


Clean the front and rear vertical rollers.

  • Clean the rollers inside the tower. press rolls for milling. You can remove the coverplates on each side for better access.


Clean and manuallly lubricate the glass movement rollers.

  • Remove the coverplate to lubricate angle gear and spring with silicone oil. If not silicone oil, then WD40 can be used.


Clean the internal water filter.


  • Remove the water pressure and loosen the glass.
  • Clean the filter with warm water, does the filter change color it needs to be replaced with a new one.


25/26 does not require maintenance.